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Kurt Cobain talked about rape in a 1991 interview for NME magazine.

His legacy as an ally is really inspiring. People always talk about his depression/drug use and it’s like cmon…

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yourbeautifulnightmare666 asked: Hii. I don't mean to sound creepy, but I just moved to long island about a month ago and I'm trying to meet new people who are into music just as much as I am. Soo i just wantedd to kinda introduce myself a little haha

Hey, well I’m not from the US even so I don’t see how you getting to know me would help you. :)
I live in Sweden.

greatinyou asked: We have something in common ... I like animals too!:)

Awesome. Animals are more important to me than probably everything else, to be honest. I like them more than humans.


Eagle creek trail

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